Beginning your speech

If you need a quotation, research, research, research. For example, you might say something like: But sometimes, reading it can be better. Ready to set your audience on fire. I reluctantly accepted it because she was an animal science major and the gator was a friendly fellow.

To fulfill his ambition, Alex was going to have to take the market share away from the market leader, who was very determined to hold on to it.

Hodges Library has more than 70 books of quotations. Want more along those lines. Epitomizing Illustration See the section on illustrations above. Be sure the story is amusing, otherwise you will embarrass self and audience.

Also, be sure the anecdote is relevant to your presentation and is in good taste. In fact the key thing I want to emphasise about starting a speech is to get yourself in the right state. Referring to the Subject or Problem I consider this the least effective way to begin.

When you do this, do NOT read it to your audience. For instance, you could say: Conversely, you might choose a quotation which adds humor to your presentation, due to the content of the quote or perhaps the person you are quoting. If so tell the audience about why your subject is important.

First analyze the audience We first need to ask ourselves if the audience will be interested in the topic, or if we will need to work hard to get their attention.

As a result, they were open to the rest of my talk, even a full-day seminar, and felt that everything I said was more valid and authentic than if I had been a person who started off with a successful background.

Refer to the occasion. If you show your confidence, your audience will have confidence in you too.

How to Begin and End a Speech

This technique has an added benefit: No doubt you have experienced the difficulty of writing and introduction for a paper or a speech. Read on to discover numerous tips for using quotes effectively in your presentations.

The answer is the same as for quotations. We are all self-employed, from the time we take our first jobs to the day that we retire; we all work for ourselves, no matter who signs our paychecks. How do you start a speech with power and confidence, rather than the usual "Erm The concluding quotation should brings things to a head and say it better than you can.

Set the context when necessary. You then follow with an answer and ask another question. Our study of communication theory tells us that people exercise selective perception and retention.

Expression of Personal Intention or Endorsement In a speech attempting to persuade people to get a hepatitis vaccination, you might offer the audience additional inducement by saying that you are going to the student health center right after class, and invite classmates to go along with you.

The University of Michigan conducted a survey of 1, business school alumni who were recently promoted. Relate a humorous anecdote relevant to topic.

4 Outline for the development of your speech 4 CD of a PowerPoint presentation to be viewed along with your speech. In Your Own Words. The outline is not a script and should. not be read word-for-word.


Instead, use the document as a guide for presenting the material in. Beginning Your Speech (Catalog No. ) Better Speaker Series Set (Catalog No. )—Complete set of all modules in the Better Speaker Series.

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How to Begin a Speech

“Beginning Your Speech” emphasizes how a speaker’s opening words are critical. By providing proven criteria and techniques for speakers to apply and practice, speakers can win their audiences. The Beginning your Speech presentation gives suggestions for starting off your next Toastmasters speech right.

Part of The Better Speaker Series. Suggestions for starting off your speech right. Includes an outline and a PowerPoint presentation. Also available as a digital file.

To start your speech with power, find something unique, engaging and memorable to say. And make sure it's a line that you're % comfortable with, so your talk flies rather than sags from the beginning.

Beginning your speech
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How to start a speech with power and confidence