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When petitioner Salibo was in the presence of the police officers of Datu Hofer Police Station, he was neither committing nor attempting to commit an offense. Justice Peralta People v.

The penalty of twelve 12 years and one 1 day to twenty 20 years of imprisonment and a fine ranging from One hundred thousand pesos P, Possession of Dangerous Drugs. Use of dangerous drugs Must be found positive after a confirmatory test 1st conviction — minimum of 6 mos.

Upon application of the Board, the Court shall issue an order for recommitment if the drug dependent does not resubmit himself for confinement or if he is not surrendered for recommitment.

The answer may not lie in writing a new law altogether, but in reinventing or amending the old and existing one. This Article does not restrict the right of any person to proceed under the Civil Code against any public nuisance. With the assistance of the Board, the Department of Labor and Employment DOLE shall develop, promote and implement a national drug abuse prevention program in the workplace to be adopted by private companies with ten 10 or more employees.

Immunity from prosecution and punishment shall be granted to an informant, provided the ff. There is no evidence that the poseur- buyer talked about and agreed with the appellant on the purchase price of the shabu.

What Is Section 11, Article II, RA 9165 of the Philippine Constitution?

Records to be kept by the Department of Justice. Mere showing of the said regulated drug does not negate the existence of an offer to sell or an actual sale. Although this Court has upheld warrantless searches of moving vehicles based on tipped information, there have been other circumstances that justified warrantless searches conducted by the authorities.

Publication and Distribution of Materials on Dangerous Drugs. Records to be kept by the Department of Justice.

The penalty twelve 12 years and one 1 day to twenty 20 years of imprisonment and a fine ranging from One hundred thousand pesos P, The prosecution and the police carry the burden of showing that the waiver of a constitutional right is one which is knowing, intelligent, and free from any coercion.

For this purpose, the DOH shall establish, operate and maintain drug testing centers in government hospitals, which must be provided at least with basic technologically advanced equipment and materials, in order to conduct the laboratory examination and tests herein provided, and appoint such qualified and duly trained technical and other personnel as may be necessary for the effective implementation of this provision.

All applicants for firearm's license and permit to carry firearms outside of residence shall undergo a mandatory drug test to ensure that they are free from the use of dangerous drugs: Under those circumstances, since the policemen had personal knowledge of the violent death of Blace and of facts indicating that Gerente and two others had killed him, they could lawfully arrest Gerente without a warrant.

RA "Comprehensive dangerous act of ". This slide contains the unlawful acts punishable under this code. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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RA repealed RAor the Dangerous Drugs Act of The law mandates the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) to be the policy- and strategy-making body that plans and formulates programs on drug prevention and control.

twelfth congress first regular session. republic act no. june 7, an act instituting the comprehensive dangerous drugs act ofrepealing republic act no.otherwise known as the dangerous drugs act ofas amended, providing funds therefor, and for other purposes.

Section 11, Article II, RA of the Philippine Constitution is titled "Possession of Dangerous Drugs." According to the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library which hosts an archived copy of RASection 11 details the penalty for possession of dangerous drugs, as well as the quantity.

RA "Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of " (19 votes) An act instituting the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act ofrepealing RAotherwise known as the Dangerous Drugs Act ofas amended, providing. IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO.

Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002



Ra 9165
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