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Likewise, inthe theme was "Forest- nature at your service"; init was "Many species, one planet-one future". It is the source of life. We think the job of a teacher is to teach, but in reality, they have a lot of other work too. I am sure that if all the human being understand and follow their responsibilities regarding earth and environment, that day is not so far when all the living beings will be happy under one roof of healthy environment on this planet.

I would like to show them this side of teachers too. The increasing rate of crime in wildlife has damaged the ecosystem balance very seriously which needs urgent action to reverse it. We should take care of our environment all through the life.

Because of the regular changes in the environment physical structure of the human beings and other living species has been changed from generation to generation. Its celebration focuses on carbon neutrality, forest management, managing greenhouse effect, promoting bio-fuels production, use of hydro-power to produce electricity, encouraging people to use solar water heaters, use of solar system, promoting coral reefs and mangroves restoration and other effectives of environmental preservation.

Workshops regarding sustainable project management are also organized to encourage youths about the environment and climate change issues for safe future on the earth. But due to the pollution caused by human beings, many species are becoming extinct and the global climate is also changing at a very fast rate.

World Environment Day 2018 –Theme, Activities, Quotes, Slogans, Essay, Speech & Article

It is our responsibility too that we should actively involve in this campaign to completely remove the wildlife crime worldwide. He was the first vice president and second president of India. It was first celebrated in by the United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Environment Programme to address various environmental issues like global warming, food shortages, deforestation, etc.

The condition of our healthy environment is getting declined day by day just because of the industrialization, deforestation, technological development, global warming, pollution, etc.

It is very true that climate change goes very slow however slow continuous process is very dangerous. We should start from small but effective steps like switch to organic food from inorganic food, use of natural fertilizers over chemical fertilizers, reduce use of electricity, reuse things, recycle wates, stop deforestation, save wild animals, etc to reduce the rate climate changes.

Many members of a family work hard to earn money and run a home. Soon, it will be called as liquid gold and we will get it at jewelers shop because 2 out of 5 honeybees are on the way to extinction due to the high level use of insecticides and pesticides in farming as well as increasing temperature and changing weather conditions.

In contrary, big numbers of teachers are not motivated, they stay in their shell.

World Environment Day Essay

The main cause of difficulty in producing cocoa is continuous rising temperature and change in weather patterns. Thank You Environment Speech 2 Good morning to the Excellencies, my respected teachers and my dear friends.

King corn is also saying us bye-bye because of the huge climatic changes and global warming. In many schools there is a shortage of teaching staff, hence teachers have to work for extra working hours without extra pay.

However, our healthy and natural environment is getting worse day by day and taking the form of demon affecting everything from non-living to living beings. We like honey a lot and want to add one spoon of it to our daily diet especially morning smoothie.

Be interactive while delivering the speech, remember you are not at recitation competition. Increasing demand of technologies and industries in the modern time impacts the nature. It is the day when we get aware of issues related to our environment and pledge to keep it safe for our better future.

We look up to our teachers as the true source of knowledge and enlightenment. It was designed by the United Nations as a main tool creating worldwide awareness regarding hot environment issues. By admin Speech Environment is the source of life.

Dear friends, we need to do something effective in order to reduce the rate of climate change as well as save many natural resources for better life on the earth in future.

Most of you might have seen me a little overweight last year, and I was. It will never fail you. As we have gathered here to celebrate this occasion, I would like to speech on the Environment to increase awareness among public about the negatively changing environment.

It is celebrated every year and its celebration is based on its annual theme especially declared by the United Nations.

According to the scientists, in the near future more than two-thirds of flora and fauna will be extinct because of human-induced environmental changes. They face their own struggles, problem and overcome them to fulfill students aspirations.

So, it is necessary to discus about this topic among us.

Speech on World Environment Day

World Environment Day is becoming the global platform for public outreach. This will make us respect them more.

World Environment Day

Apr 07,  · World Earth Day Information, Essay, Speech, Paragraph & Article Introduction to the World Earth Day 22nd April is celebrated as world earth day in all over the world to increase the public awareness towards protecting environment among the people/5(19).

A rapid growth of world population. 2. The depletion of natural resources such as: (a) shrinking of forests and wetlands, / Home» Speech» Short Speech on Environment.

Religion: Short Speech on Religion. Short Speech on Iraq July 14, Short Speech on Environment March 25, A short Speech on: World Environment Day Good morning my dear friends and respected teachers.

I hope all of you know today is World Environment Day. So, that our school has kept this program.

Short Speech on Environment

Today I am going to deliver a short speech on World Environment Day. Jun 05,  · environment day speech environment day speech H.E James Ongwae's Speech on the World Environment Day. As you are aware World Environment Day is observed on June 5 every year to promote awareness.

Find long and short Speech on Environment for Students. Find 2, 3, 4, 5 Minutes Environment speech in very simple and easy words.

short Speech on: World Environment Day Good morning my dear friends and respected teachers. I hope all of you know today is World Environment Day.

So, that our school has kept this program. Today I am going to deliver a short speech on World Environment Day.

Environment Speech Write a short speech on world environment day speech
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Speech on Environment for Students in simple and easy words